Control Engineering survey: “Rethinking HMI/SCADA: Now and beyond”

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Using HMI/SCADA in the cloud to solve operations control’s most pressing problems

Breaking new research from Control Engineering brings the problems operations control decision-makers face into sharper focus. The survey respondents—HMI/SCADA decision-makers at discrete manufacturing, food and beverage, and other process production companies, as well as utilities—offer an inside look at the challenges they face and the tools they see as offering the best chance to solve those challenges.

Some of the most striking data points from the survey are:

  • 59% of operations control decision-makers use or plan to use HMI/SCADA in the cloud within 2-5 years, but not all are satisfied with their current operations control solution.
  • 70% of HMI/SCADA decision-makers say their companies experience staff turnover of up to 30% each quarter.
  • Despite using cloud-connected HMI/SCADA, respondents showed a keen interest in enhancing information analysis (59%), anomaly detection and resolution (51%), and operational visualization (40%).

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