Innovative CCUS technology – A case study in sustainable process engineering

On-demand webinar

In the pursuit of a net zero economy, the hydrocarbon processing industries are under enormous pressure to quickly launch and scale up innovative technologies. Carbon capture, bio-based feedstocks, circular chemicals – we need them all now and we need them all big.

This webinar features a case study of Airbridge’s new CCUS technology that transforms carbon emissions into essential global commodities. Airbridge’s story demonstrates how simulation and digital transformation enable process innovation for sustainable industries. With a high-fidelity process simulation as the foundation, engineers can understand process behavior, scale up quickly and quantify performance. Accurate, accessible data leads to confident investment decisions in a fast-moving market.


  • Roy Calder, Industry Principal, New Energies - AVEVA
  • Stephen McGurk, CEO - Airbridge
  • Lee Nichols, Vice-President, Content - Hydrocarbon Processing

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