Engineering better relationships and more sustainable capital projects

Meet data-centric engineering

Innovation starts with digital twins

Companies are under pressure to deliver projects on time and on budget—all while meeting new and future requirements for efficiency, agility, safety, and sustainability. With digital twins, you can create, own, and manage digital assets—and future-proof your organization today. 

Overcome common project hurdles:

  • Inaccurate or missing engineering information leads to rework on 30% of design and construction activity.
  • Cross-functional collaboration between stakeholders is cumbersome, causing delays and increasing costs.
  • Supply chain disruptions and the need for carbon-efficient and resilient supply chains.
  • Sustainability pressures require transparency to inform decision-making.
  • Labor shortages and remote work require efficient, autonomous, and connected operations.
  • Fluctuating commodity prices demand greater project agility.

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