Uncovering new value: How to use existing data to optimize chemicals plant operations

The moment your industrial data meets its full potential

Chemicals companies are under pressure. Between market demands and operational challenges and the drive toward a sustainable future, plant personnel have to focus on many things at once. To overcome challenges and reach sustainability goals, they must maximize production, reduce unplanned downtime, and optimize processes and assets.

Many chemicals operations have already adopted AVEVA™ PI System™ as their data management platform, enabling condition monitoring of both assets and processes with real-time analytics. Many plants have used AVEVA PI System to achieve both asset reliability and operations success; for others, however, it is time to take the next step.

Chemicals companies can extend the value of their data management platform to deploy more intelligent ways to optimize performance, predict outcomes, increase safety, and conduct maintenance at exactly the right time. From rigorous process simulations and AI-based advanced analytics to hybrid models, the possibilities are endless.

By layering in advanced tools on top of AVEVA PI System, chemicals businesses can find new ways to optimize plant operations to ensure a safe, sustainable process that meets production goals.

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