Create, optimize, and sustain a trusted digital twin

From conceptual design and FEED all the way to operations and maintenance, AVEVA’s engineering solutions equip you with the tools you need to create a digital twin that remains up-to-date and useful at every stage of the project lifecycle.

Efficient project delivery starts with smarter engineering

The average capital project runs over its original schedule by 20 months and its budget by 80%. With a digital twin built on AVEVA engineering solutions, you can do better. Owner-operators and EPCs use AVEVA's integrated digital engineering tools to power seamless collaboration across the asset life. Watch our free demos of AVEVA™ Unified Engineering and AVEVA™ Asset Information Management and learn how you can minimize risk, cost, and delays in your next capital project.

AVEVA Unified Engineering bridges the gap that often disconnects FEED from design by establishing a central, cloud-based hub for all your integrated engineering data and information. By integrating engineering, design, and simulation, AVEVA Unified Engineering breaks down the silos between engineering disciplines and empowers your teams to work concurrently in a common data-centric environment.

Form the core of your digital twin with AVEVA Asset Information Management, which empowers users to aggregate data from multiple information sources and systems and transform it into actionable insights. Identify and cross-reference all relationships between equipment, documents, drawings, and various data formats. Deployed in a cloud or hybrid-cloud approach, AVEVA Asset Information Management enables your teams to securely access, visualize, validate, and collaborate on digital twin data—wherever they may be working.

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