Enabling the intelligent oil & gas midstream

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Today’s oil & gas midstream operators are challenged with providing profitable, differentiating services across a highly distributed, complex, diverse, and remote asset base. These challenges are compounded by the ever-changing oil & gas supply/demand balance and resulting economic impact.

Please join us for the first installment of our three-part Intelligent Midstream Webinar series. This first session will focus on overviewing the challenges in oil & gas midstream for context, and the opportunities available from leveraging the integrated industrial solutions including the AVEVA Enterprise Pipelines Management Solution (ePLMS) and the AVEVA PI System.

In this first webinar, attendees will learn how utilizing an intelligent pipeline offering can:
  • Increase asset reliability, availability and lower the total cost of ownership
  • Support decarbonization journeys
  • Integrate and support pipeline capabilities in hydrogen and CO2
  • Leverage a “layer of analytics” in a hybrid SaaS cloud offering to improve pipeline performance and integrity with real-time insights
  • Improve asset performance and eliminate downtime using a robust data infrastructure for engineering information management
  • Future proof technology investments by leveraging an agnostic digital framework across the engineer, operate, and optimize cycles

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