What’s New in AVEVA InTouch HMI 2023

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In this webinar, you will learn how AVEVA InTouch HMI 2023 offers modern user experiences for all customers. The 2023 release is culmination of the journey we undertook 30 years back when first introduced InTouch as the world’s first PC-based HMI! Now, InTouch users can harness the power of both cloud and web expanding the reach of information to all users, on any device without any tag count limitations. Learn how we plan continue #1 HMI market leadership for the next 30 years!

The best part our InTouch modernization story is that it offers this without re-engineering of existing InTouch applications! It’s truly seamless upgrade process. The biggest step change since the introduction of ArchestrA Graphics in 2007 include following:

  • Unlimited tag count – InTouch HMI 2023 supports an unlimited tag count.
  • New UI/UX development environment - WindowMaker has a modern look and feel for increased engineering efficiency.
  • Workspaces - This new capability enables any InTouch user to develop ad hoc run-time responsive displays, enabling seamless access to data at their fingertips, without any engineering development tools
  • Map App Web Widget - The new Map App Web Widget incorporates a zoomable map into InTouch HMI applications and displays selected graphics in a geographical context.
  • And much more!

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