Maximizing operational visibility with user-centric HMI/SCADA

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91% of employees say that improving their digital dexterity improves their work effectiveness, according to a survey from Gartner*. For industrial operations, the process control system, or HMI/SCADA, is the primary application operators and facility managers use to monitor production and execute their responsibilities. How does your current HMI/SCADA enable your workforces digital dexterity?

Join us for this webinar as we explore what it means to take a user-centric approach with HMI/SCADA that transcends the traditional by introducing collaborative experiences, shared data, new functionality, and cloud enhancements.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • What user-centric HMI/SCADA means
  • How you can improve the digital dexterity of users
  • Easy ways to break it down into phases and get started

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*Gartner. “Transform the Digital Employee Experience with an Evolving Digital Workplace” 2022

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