The next step for advanced asset performance management in Oil & Gas and LNG

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Facing uncertain markets, aging assets, increasing regulations, and a changing workforce, O&G and LNG operations teams are under increasing pressure to operate at the highest levels of efficiency every day, get the most performance out of their assets, and ensure safe, reliable, and profitable operations with the lowest environmental emissions.

With most O&G and LNG operators already relying heavily on the power of the AVEVA PI System and PI Asset Framework (PI AF), operations teams are now well positioned to take the next step in a comprehensive asset performance management program to better monitor, manage, and maintain their assets using a portfolio of integrated capabilities found in the AVEVA Asset Performance Management suite including the AVEVA PI System, AVEVA Asset Performance Management, and AVEVA Mobil Operator.

Please join AVEVA industry experts as we explore how O&G upstream, midstream, LNG, and downstream operators can extend the value of their AVEVA PI Systems in supporting:

  • A solid information management and a “layers of analytics” approach as a foundation for a comprehensive asset performance management program
  • Advanced pattern recognition (APR) augmented with AI to enable predictive analytics to identify performance anomalies much earlier and issue prescriptive maintenance actions.
  • An optimized asset performance management strategy to identify the most comprehensive and optimal maintenance strategy for each of your assets balancing cost, risk and performance.
  • Advanced mobile operator tools to help streamline maintenance workflow and execution including capturing knowledge, best practices, and ensuring consistency of execution
  • A journey from a reactive to proactive, exception-based asset performance management and real-time decision support culture

Please note that while the O&G use cases will be in upstream, midstream, LNG, and downstream operations, the core concepts and capabilities of a comprehensive advanced asset performance management program are applicable to any industry and anyone who is interested can register and attend the webinar.

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