The path to a sustainable smart factory: Lessons learned through operational data ecosystems

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According to a recent survey, while business leaders continue to remain strongly committed to sustainability, progress through specific actions are lagging. To help accelerate the journey, this webinar will share key insights and lessons learned from Schneider Electric's path to sustainable smart factories.

Six factories within Schneider Electric's global manufacturing network have gained the World Economic Forum’s Global Lighthouse recognition. In addition, two of these factories are considered Sustainability Lighthouses, showcasing the potential of Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) technologies to unlock new levels of sustainability in their operations and explore a win-win solution: greater operational competitiveness while simultaneously making commitments to environmental stewardship, leading in a cleaner, more sustainable future as a result.

Join us for this webinar as we discuss how new technical solutions and approaches are emerging to help address some the most pressing problems affecting consumer goods today. Our experts will cover how manufacturers today leverage their operational data to evolve their supply chain and meet consumer demands for more sustainable goods and services.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to approach digital transformation to shift industry operations from mere compliance to proactive sustainability leadership
  • New technologies that can help you accelerate and scale sustainability efforts across your organization
  • How leading manufacturing organizations strategize and deploy newer technologies to succeed not only with environmental stewardship, but also accelerated business growth

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