The changing state of HMI/SCADA: Now and beyond

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Not all cloud-connected HMI/SCADA is created equal. 59% of HMI/SCADA decision-makers want improved information analysis and reporting, despite majority of them already using HMI/SCADA in the cloud, according to a survey from Control Engineering.

Join this webinar for an exclusive reveal of results from this very recent survey of HMI/SCADA decision makers conducted by Control Engineering. What does the future of HMI/SCADA look like? What are decision-makers from across different industries concerned about? We will discuss these and more alongside a panel of industry experts.

Reviewing the challenges of traditional HMI/SCADA and discovering what is on the horizon for the future. Why it's necessary for a holistic platform that drives cultivation, communication and accessibility and how you can achieve that with AVEVA Operations Control, as not every cloud-based HMI/SCADA solution is created equal.

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