The future of data sharing in oil and gas

How data ecosystems are changing the industry

Increasingly, the success of an oil and gas company depends on collaboration with its network of partners—but partners are only as effective as the information they have. They need access to reliable, relevant data in real time to maximize their expertise.

Connected data ecosystems allow companies to share real-time data with partners securely and easily. They empower companies to profit from knowledge outside the organization and increase collaboration within to discover new efficiencies, boost productivity, and operate more sustainably.

In this white paper, you’ll learn how connected data ecosystems enable you to:

  • Securely provide access to aggregated data from multiple locations while maintaining control over what data is shared with each partner
  • Benefit from bi-directional data sharing for real-time collaboration
  • Streamline integration with other solutions, including AI and machine learning
  • Remain agile and competitive in the future of oil and gas

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