Real-time data sharing for sustainable mining success

Creating connected ecosystems

A path to mining efficiency and growth

Mining companies can stay competitive by securely sharing real-time data with external partners, creating an ecosystem of shared data. These mining data ecosystems will be the key to taking advantage of the critical mineral boom and meeting ESG and decarbonization targets.

“Industrial ecosystems for data sharing have the potential to power tremendous growth, helping companies optimize existing processes and making new products and businesses possible.”[1]
McKinsey & Company

With simplified access to real-time data:

  • OEM vendors easily monitor critical assets, helping companies increase operational resiliency and reduce unexpected downtime.
  • Industrial service providers perform specialized operations tasks outside the
  • scope or expertise of internal staff.
  • Supply-chain partners monitor materials levels and deliver just-in-time
  • inventory to support production.
  • Analytics companies use data, AI, and machine learning to uncover business opportunities or risks.

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[1]Otto, Boris, et al. (2020). Data sharing in industrial ecosystems: Driving value across production lines. McKinsey & Company.