On-Demand Webinar: A Trusted Living Pointcloud

Discover the full value of 3D data capture for your asset

What’s it all about?

3D Data Capture has transformed the process of measuring and evaluating complex industrial assets. But 3D data capture brings its own challenge. One is volume: inherently massive datasets need to be shared and visualised intuitively by many stakeholders. To get true value from a laser scan, that data needs to be available to diverse teams, throughout the asset’s lifecycle.

How can you manage, store, add to, and keep up-to-date such a massive but valuable data source in an efficient way?

Discover the Trusted Living Pointcloud. Gary will explain how it works in practice and the challenges you could be solving.

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Gary Farrow

Vice President, Global Product Sales

A global expert in laser scan technology, Gary has been involved in 3D laser scanning since its inception in the late 1990s, initially undertaking projects delivering data and 3D models. These included ground-breaking work with Volvo and a huge scanning project for Fluor/TCO in Kazakhstan. This early involvement gave Gary an insight into the fundamental requirements of efficient 3D data capture hardware, processes and most importantly software. Today, now part of AVEVA, Gary works closely with companies in many industries undertaking digital transformation journeys to help them to take ownership of their critical engineering and 3D information. Gary has a Mechanical Engineering background.