APM 4.0 with Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics

From Sensor to ROI

True digital transformation requires enhancing the asset-oriented APM approach to a system that holistically connects Engineering, Operations and Maintenance and thereby enables a quantum leap in Asset Performance. APM 4.0 creates a single integrated digital thread across the whole asset lifecycle. Two key factors play a pivotal role in the successful operation of this new digital thread. First, there must be connectivity among assets and workers. Second, decisions that are informed by sensors and intelligent data must be able to be executed in real-time.

While APM 4.0 maintains the asset-oriented approach, it is focused on delivering critical business results. Using sensor-based decision making with true Lead Performance Indicators, APM 4.0 will achieve Asset Excellence by enhancing safety, profitability, and sustainability.

This webinar will provide you with insights into how predictive alerts and prescriptive actions need to work together to fully unlock the value that APM 4.0 promises.

Duration: One hour

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Werner Meyer
APM Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics Portfolio Lead - AVEVA

Werner Meyer is a technology transformation and innovation enthusiast. Transformation and innovation is never his ultimate goal, however. Rather they enable him to create quantum leaps in performance. He currently leads the Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics initiative at AVEVA as part of the APM Portfolio Strategy team. He has helped Asset Owner Operators for 23 years to achieve significant results in the areas of Supply Chain & Operations Excellence, Investments & Engineer-Procure-Construct, and Asset Performance Management. This puts him in the ideal position to integrate Engineering, Operations and Maintenance across the complete asset lifecycle and realize the enormous potential that APM 4.0 has to offer. He understands that successful technology solutions fully engage people at all levels in an organization.