See AVEVA™ Process Simulation in action

Watch a 20-min demonstration of the simulation platform designed to deliver the process side of the digital twin.

Now is the moment to transform chemical process simulation!

AVEVA Process Simulation is a new platform to make engineers more productive, collaborative, creative and inspired. It is the first commercially available platform to take advantage of developing web-based and cloud technologies.

In this 20-minute video, Chloe Smith, an experienced Technical Sales Consultant, will take you through the features and workflows that reinvent process simulation for the next generation of process engineers. You’ll see:

  • Seamless mode switching from flow-driven to pressure-driven to dynamic mode and back – all in a single simulation
  • Groundbreaking ease of use with snapshots, scenarios, and intuitive interfaces
  • Realistic examples including distillation column design and reactor design optimization
  • Simple, powerful custom model development with no code

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