How BASF prepares new operators for a sustainable chemicals industry

On-demand Webinar

Learn how the world's largest chemical company trains plant staff with innovative approaches, also during pandemic shutdowns.

It's well known that the chemicals industry faces a generational workforce shift. Experienced operators and engineers are retiring, and the need for them to pass their expertise to a new generation is growing urgent. As the world’s largest chemical company, with potentially the widest range of operations, BASF has prepared for this moment with innovative approaches to upskilling its new chemical plant staff.

In this on-demand webinar, Alexander Lang, Training Team Leader for process engineering, and Alexander Karle, Training Supervisor for chemical operators, explain BASF’s training strategy and extensive experience in this area. They discuss the appropriate use and benefits of experiential training with virtual reality (VR). Watch the On Demand session to hear their findings.

Duration: One Hour.

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