Best Practices for Capital Project Efficiency: Designing greenfield and brownfield success

Enabling transparency and collaboration in the design and execution of complex projects

Designing Greenfield and Brownfield Success

Using your data to improve decisions and reduce waste is paramount to enable transparency and collaboration. It has become central to the future in the design and execution of complex projects. But the challenges facing both EPC's and owner-operators are complex and multi-layered. Capital projects are regularly up to 80% over budget and 20 months late.

This webinar is a primer for project leaders looking at Unified Engineering to understand how a data-centric approach can greatly reduce risk and costly changes in modern project management.

This webinar will address:

  • How optimized processes enable EPC profitability & scalability
  • Why instantaneous project tracking, visualization & collaboration improves decisions and reduces waste (time/costs)
  • Why deep integration enables high efficiency & project quality
  • How the Core of the Digital Twin allows fast-start of operational efficiency programs like APM & Machine Learning

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Sam Kharouf

Principle Technical Consultant, AVEVA

Sam Kharouf is a Principle Technical Consultant for the AVEVA Engineering and design solutions. He has been with AVEVA for over 6 years and is responsible for advising and adoption of the solutions. Prior to joining AVEVA, he spent over 25 years working on projects in engineering and design, and construction, within Europe and the Americas, with a focus on offshore oil and gas, pharmaceutical and bio tech.