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Experience the latest technology that brings the work to your workforce and enables collaboration across all areas of your operations.

Empowering workers from Edge to Enterprise

Industrial organizations are facing a shortage of skilled workers and it can take weeks and even months to get frontline workers up to speed on the basic skills needed to operate today's complex industrial equipment. In this webinar, we will show how AVEVA is solving the skills and information gap on the plant floor by enabling industrial organizations to implement skills development, knowledge sharing, and collaboration, while embracing the shift towards connected workers. Watch the webinar to experience how AVEVA Teamwork facilitates continuous improvement of knowledge to empower your workforce.

The Skills Gap is here:

  • 78% of manufacturing leaders are worried about an aging workforce
  • Training is now the top investment priority for 74% of manufacturers
  • 96% of workplace learning is informal and only 4% is formal
  • 84% of quality costs are caused by worker errors
  • 2.4 million jobs will need to be filled by 2028

Key Takeaways:

  • Connect workers with the experts to facilitate collaboration and solve problems quickly.
  • Build a curriculum for skills development and digitally endorse workers across operations procedures.
  • Explore a demo of how tribal knowledge can be captured and shared with AVEVA Teamwork

Duration: One Hour

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John Krajewski

Director, Product Management, HMI/Supervisory - AVEVA

John has 23+ years of experience in industrial automation and control systems. John began his career working as a Control System Engineer in the potable water industry. Subsequently, John worked as an Application Engineer for a system integrator who primarily focuses on the Pharmaceutical and Biotech industries. He joined Invensys Wonderware in April 2000 as a Senior Application Developer in the product marketing department. Shortly thereafter, John assumed the role of product marketing’s Functional Manager of infrastructure. John spent 5 years as a domain architect with responsibilities for architectural and functional definition of Intouch and Archestra Technologies.