How Digital Capital Projects Accelerate Innovation and Time to Sustainable Facilities

Join industry experts to understand what the future looks like for capital projects and engineering in the new sustainable marketplace and how to leapfrog the challenges confronting your vision of sustainable capital projects.

Sustainability and Net Zero Facilities are becoming business reality. Are you ready?

Shift to sustainability, energy transition and accelerated digital transformation are the buzzwords echoing across industries, including capital projects. Key questions that then arise are: what do these trends mean for the capital projects industries? What cascading effects can these drivers have on the viability of capital projects over their lifetime?

In times of energy transition, the need to drastically reduce emissions associated with oil and gas production and refining is forcing the industry to accelerate its strategies for capital projects and operating facilities with sustainability at the forefront. Further, the growing demand to meet increasingly stringent environmental standards is fueling new capital on a global scale and digitally mature companies have the advantage.

Did you know a systems approach can reduce CAPEX emissions by 17% and operational emissions by 76% with only a 2% increase in total expenditure?

Watch industry experts in this webinar to get these important questions answered:

  • What are the new trends and changes in the capital projects market?
  • How technology and systems can help build sustainable facilities?
  • How digital capital projects can accelerate innovation and increase efficiency?

Duration: One Hour

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