From Digital Shipyard to Digital Ship: Unifying Data Silos to Create Actionable Insight

Join an expert panel to discover how to drive your digital marine future by combining multiple data feeds, to create a single digital twin for an entire organization, or individual assets.

Learn how connecting data can drive operational benefits across the marine lifecycle

Over the last ten years the maritime industry has been rapidly transforming from analogue to digital. The modern shipyard is made up of multiple highly efficient departments that each have unique technology and software needs. The same can be said for the vessels themselves, with ever-increasing requirements for optimization, whether for maintenance, fuel efficiency, routing or even sustainability targets. Today, data is created by everything from individual pieces of equipment in the yard or vessel, to the software to design the vessel itself, but extracting those data streams and using them to create insight that can improve the entire company's performance is challenging.

It is now becoming possible to combine multiple data feeds to create a single digital twin for an entire organization as well as individual assets, but how can shipyards and ship owners leverage this new technology to create actionable insight into business performance?

During this webinar, you will learn:

  • How can shipyard managers leverage real-time data for operational decision making without overwhelming their teams?
  • What are the best practices for pooling and integrating multiple data feeds to create a single unified view of a yard or ship's operations?
  • How can fleet owners and operators benefit from this unified view of operations?
  • How does better data visibility impact commercial performance and what information do C-level leaders need to make better strategic decisions?

Duration: One hour

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