From Disconnected Data to Digital Twin: Extracting Real Value Across Your Projects and Plants

Join AVEVA Digital Engineering expert Greg Pada to discover how access to contextualized engineering data is a critical step in your digital transformation journey.

Digital Twin: beyond a buzzword

Digital Twin might feel like just another buzzword, but it lives up to the hype. The outcomes of digital transformation initiatives, accelerated over the past year, have underscored the value of collaboration and data. By putting asset data in context, process plant and marine Projects and Operations teams can break information and process silos with a common digital thread throughout the entire lifecycle – this is, in essence, the digital twin.

What is a digital twin?

Quite simply, it's a digital replica of your physical assets. A digital twin uses asset engineering and operations data to house contextualized data and information, giving you a seamlessly connected view of project and asset information.

Watch our on-demand webinar where Greg Pada shares the prime opportunities for extracting real value from the Digital Twin at the various phases of your asset's lifecycle.

What will I learn in this webinar?

Greg discusses the phases of a digital twin, different digital twin strategies our customers have deployed today, and a step-by-step data migration plan for developing the engineering information that make up the digital twin, including:

  • Data-centric engineering on a greenfield (new) facility, or
  • Digitalization of brownfield (existing) facilities designed with a document-centric approach.

Who should watch?

Including COOs, CEOs, VPs, Directors and Managers responsible for:

  • Engineering
  • Operations
  • Projects
  • Construction
  • Procurement
  • Planning and Change

Register now to watch our webinar on-demand!

Register now to watch our webinar on-demand!