A day in the life of a Digital Twin connected worker

Digital twin's are no longer a buzzword in the industrial world, but something nearly every modern player is implementing to modernize both their capital project and operational asset strategies. But what the industry hasn't aligned on is this: What is a true digital twin, and how can it be utilized to extract value across the asset lifecycle?

Watch Steve Parvin, Head of Information Engineering at AVEVA, as he walks through the day in the life of two different workers – a modern, connected worker who interacts with their plant's Digital Twin daily, and one who lacks a holistic view of their plant. Steve will draw from his role at AVEVA, industry research, and customer experiences to expose the costs, risk, and timeline impacts for each individual to demonstrate the true value of compiling and contextualizing engineering and project data as the core of the operational digital twin. He will also share the possibilities of leveraging the as-built and as-operated digital plant data for process optimization and predictive analytics and maintenance and the potential downstream impacts to improve both operational and financial performance throughout the entire asset lifecycle.

Duration: 1 hour

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