Digital Twin is the Foundation for Asset Performance

AVEVA World Digital On-Demand

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In this session that originally aired at AVEVA World Digital in June 2020, Amish Sabharwal, Head of AVEVA's Engineering Business Unit, shares how digital twin technology that spans capital projects and operations can transform efficiency and resilience, beginning in the Capital Projects phase of the asset lifecycle. Working in partnership with companies like Accenture, AVEVA is leading the way in delivering holistic digital twin solutions to industry leaders across the world.

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Amish Sabharwal

Head of Engineering Business Unit

Amish Sabharwal, Executive Vice President of the Engineering Business Unit. Responsible for delivering simulation, engineering, design, project execution, operator training, and project management software to the Global Industrial Market.
Amish has 25 years of experience within the Energy, Chemicals and Power industries. Amish holds a Masters and Bachelors in Chemical Engineering from the University of Calgary.