Riding the Data Analytics Wave for a Sustainable Water Network

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Water utility companies often rely on manual processes to retrieve and share their water network data. In many instances, large amounts of data are sent by email or shared via FTP sites. While this method has worked for some water utilities in the past, many are finding these methods increasingly challenging and restrictive today.

Water utilities have five aspects of data to deal with: volume, variety, velocity, value and visibility. With no real-time data processing and sharing capability, water utilities are hampered by the sheer amount of data in different formats coming in from various sources at an exploding rate.

While managing disparate information systems may be daunting, harvesting the fruits of data labour is often unreachable. This makes it difficult for water utilities to “ride the data analytics wave.”

This E-Book shares some of the ways you can build a sustainable water network through data analytics by utilizing the industry leading water modeling and simulation tools, coupled with state of the art monitoring and control and asset performance solutions.

Download the E-book