Transforming the Infrastructure value chain

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In an era of rapid technological, environmental and social change, there is much to be said about the desire for new infrastructure developments to remain relevant, “smart”, and to the greatest extent possible, sustainable well into the foreseeable future. There is little doubt that whether viewed through social, or economic lenses, there is an absolute imperative that collectively, we need more efficient, upgraded infrastructure to cope with the issues commonly faced by a modern society, such as climate change, a growing population and a more mobile workforce.

It is true that even the most robust of systems supporting, monitoring and controlling smart infrastructure will need to be upgraded, and eventually replaced. That said, backing the right technology will ensure that the longevity, maintainability and sustainability of these systems is done so with a view to reducing the initial capital expenditure, as well as the lifetime operating cost of smart infrastructure assets, facilities and networks.

Download this whitepaper to learn how the right technology, combined with the right approach - a System of Systems approach - can support the centralisation of monitoring, control, asset performance management, and real-time decision support for all kinds of smart infrastructure - be it a building, data centre, airport, or a smart city - by ensuring that people and process are supported by the right technology.

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