Edge HMI Webinar Series: Driver Configuration Tools

On-demand Webinar

Optimize communication to increase the speed and efficiency of industrial operations

Understanding the value of communication drivers and how how those drivers exchange data between both the logical and physical layers of industrial network is fundamental to successful system design. Join us for a webinar where we will explore the use and utility of communication drivers for Edge HMI, cover example architectures, and provide driver configuration examples that will help you to optimize communications throughout your operations..

Topics covered:

  • Facilitating a common language between processes and machines
  • Edge HMI architecture and drivers
  • Physical and logical layers of architecture that exchange process control data
  • Optimizing communication to increase the speed and efficiency of your operations
  • Configuration of communication drivers for Edge HMI

Duration: One Hour

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Scott Kortier

Solutions Architect, AVEVA

Scott has been with AVEVA for over ten years and is an Edge HMI expert specializing in communication, manipulation and presentation of industrial data.