AVEVA™ E3D Design Video Demonstration​

Learn more about the technical capabilities and business value of AVEVA E3D Design in this long-form demonstration video. ​

AVEVA E3D Design is the world's most technologically advanced and powerful 3D design solution for the process plant, marine and power industries.

Join AVEVA’s Stefan Carlsson as he introduces AVEVA E3D Design and walks through a guided tour, in real time, of some of its class-leading capabilities.

See AVEVA E3D Design in action and consider how it could be incorporated into your own organization’s workflows to deliver efficient, sustainable, future-proof projects.

AVEVA E3D Design offers class-leading productivities with seamless compatibility with other AVEVA solutions.

  • Easy to use
  • Multi-discipline
  • Built-in clash detection, enabling clash-free design across project services
  • Merge laser scan data directly with 3D design model
  • Graphical modelling
  • Built-in services design modules, including piping, cabling and HVAC

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If you are looking for digitalization strategies and benefits such as adoption speed, simplicity, streamlining, scale, security, remote collaboration, AVEVA provides tools that turn opportunities into business value.​

AVEVA E3D Design is delivered on our industrial cloud platform, AVEVA Connect. Drive innovation, growth, and sustainability by adopting a trusted cloud platform designed to meet the unique needs of the industrial sector.​

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Remote collaboration

Discover a shared environment for unmatched levels of workforce efficiency.

Fast & efficient

Fast deployment and easy access to contextualized information.

Flexible & scalable

Lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and flexible consumption based on need.

Secure & available

Built for data security and high availability, with centralized user management.

See what our customers are saying...

“AVEVA’s cloud-based and data-centric engineering enables our teams all around the world to work remotely, yet together, on one platform that spans all of our engineering data.”

Veolia Water Technologies

“With data transparency, our teams have more trust in the data, and this leads to more trust between the individual workers. We’ve seen that when digital tools empower people, great breakthroughs are possible.”

Schneider Electric

“If you could do in minutes what previously took a day, what would you do? AVEVA’s technology in the cloud is creating time, and BP’s responsibility is what to do with the time saved. This is revolutionary to our business.”