From the Edge and Beyond: Creating a Holistic View of Your Operations

Learn how you can capitalize on digital technologies to transform your business by integrating and visualizing all available data in context be it operations, process, engineering, maintenance and financial data.


When it comes to business agility and optimizing your operations, information silos can be one of the biggest obstacles to delivering profitability.

With siloed IT and OT systems, your teams do not have full visibility to the data that drives real-time decisions, and ultimately drives your business. Operational inefficiencies make it difficult to align your processes or collaborate effectively. Eventually leading to frustrated teams and reduced profit margins.

But when you have invested so much on your existing systems, it does not make sense to rip everything out and replace it. The question then becomes: how do you get your current systems to communicate more effectively and reduce silos?

Improve operations visibility with a unified platform that combines real-time data and engineering information to enable unprecedented insights into operations to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs.

In this webinar, learn how:

  • AVEVA Unified Operations Center empowers your team with a holistic view to help make informed decisions, fast. Bringing end-to-end operational visibility across facilities helps you improve safety, operational efficiency, and ultimately the profit margins of your business.
  • You can transform your business and create new revenue streams and business models through an intelligent platform that enables you to embrace the use of massive data streams to create relevant insights and competitive advantage.

Duration: One Hour

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Amit Kar

Global Pursuits Director - EMEA, AVEVA

Amit Kar has a strong, global track record of exploiting the power of Digitalization to tackle the management and operational challenges of Industry, particularly Oil & Gas. Over 18 years he has helped to illuminate the business value of innovation – and drive strategies to realize that value – in various settings including both Owner/Operator and EPC. His global experience includes some of the world’s most challenging projects and operational environments. Amit has a BSc in Industrial Management from Carnegie Mellon University, and an MBA from New York Institute of Technology. He is also a keen photographer and tennis player, and lives in Dubai with his wife and two sons.


Robert Kambach

Head of OEM Sales - EMEA, AVEVA

Rob has more than 25 years of experience in the automation industry, from implementing and engineering complete projects to business development and product management. He has experience across numerous industries including Chemical, Water and Wastewater, Pharmaceutical and Power Generation. Prior to his role as Head of OEM Sales for EMEA, Rob was Product Manager for AVEVA System Platform and Operations Management Interface. Rob has a BSc Industrial Automation and is based in the Netherlands.