Edge HMI Tutorial: Convert End-of-Life Allen Bradley Panels to Platform Agnostic HMI

Liberate your industrial control systems and increase longevity of your operational investments by converting legacy panels to extensible and versatile Edge HMI.

Learn to automatically convert Rockwell panel projects for deployment across multiple platforms.

The convenience of purchasing hardware and software from a single vendor usually comes at the expense of agility and creates a number of drawbacks including inability to mix hardware solutions for a truly optimized system, exposure to arbitrary price increases on hardware, forced upgrades, and orphaned systems that cannot be updated due to obsolete software and inflexible communication capabilities.

The foundation for a strong automation system should be backward compatible with a wide range of native communication protocols and make it possible to augment and improve legacy systems without entirely rebuilding them. Applying a software and hardware agnostic HMI solution for machine data reduces system complexity, simplifies data standardization, and bridges many of the technological limitations of aging hardware.

Watch the webinar that will show how systems built on legacy software like Rockwell Factory Talk and Panel Builder can be converted quickly and easily into Edge applications without re-engineering or engagement of costly development resources. Learn how to save time and gain flexibility in hardware choices by using simple conversion tools in AVEVA Edge to extend the longevity of your system and operate with confidence.

Learn how to:

  • Auto-convert Rockwell panel projects for easy deployment across multiple platforms; industrial computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, or the cloud without re-engineering.
  • Deploy your application with read/write access to any device with a browser that supports HTML5, including smartphones and tablets.
  • Save up to 90 percent development time during the conversion of FactoryTalkTM ME/SE, PanelMateTM and PanelBuilderTM projects while protecting prior engineering investments.

Duration: 60 minutes

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Scott Kortier

Senior Technical Sales Consultant, AVEVA

Scott has been with AVEVA for over ten years and is an Edge HMI expert specializing in communication, manipulation and presentation of industrial data.