Empowering mining operations with end-to-end process and inventory visibility

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The mining industry continues to face challenges in maintaining competitiveness, in running their business and addressing today's most pressing sustainability issues. These challenges ask for investments into new techniques and technologies to up their operational efficiencies, responsiveness to changing market conditions and socially and environmentally responsible mining requirements.

Providing access to current and accurate production performance and inventory status information is key for empowering the workforce to identify value leaks and drive productivity, asset reliability and sustainability improvements. Contextualizing data from various data sources and calculating the metrics which provide situational awareness and decision support, unlocks the operational intelligence to systematically eliminate production losses and value chain inefficiencies.

Investments into digital mining operations and inventory management capabilities are providing large synergies to reduce commodity C1 costs thanks to higher operational efficiency, improved sustainability and greater visibility across the business.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The benefits of monitoring, reporting, and analyzing process performance KPIs to continuously improve operational efficiency and asset utilization.
  • Why an accurate overview of your plant’s inputs and outputs, and tracking of inventory across your entire value chain allows timely response to changes in stock volumes and qualities.
  • How to embed sustainability in the operational excellence culture and in day-to-day work processes of your organizations.
  • How to improve cross functional collaboration across your business to ensure better and faster decision making that benefits the entire enterprise.

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Ben Connolly

Head of Production Management, AVEVA

Ben leads AVEVA’s Production Management offer, formerly known as Ampla, helping customers monitor and optimize their processes for productivity, accuracy and sustainability. Ben joined Schneider Electric in 2010 and subsequently joined AVEVA via the merger with Schneider Electric Software in 2018. Prior to joining Schneider, Ben performed a variety of IT and engineering roles, including research and development at Metso Minerals’ Process Technology and Innovation division. In that role he designed and developed ore tracking and advanced process control solutions and piloted them at numerous operations around the globe.


Yong The

Global Director - Unified Operations Center, AVEVA

Yong leads AVEVA’s global sales effort to help customers aiming to underpin their digital transformation through the alignment of their people and process. Yong graduated from UC Berkeley with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, specializing in Robotics and Automation. Beginning his career in Ann Arbor, Michigan as a Software Engineer, Yong later migrated to Australia where he co-founded a global, IT consulting firm servicing the finance and government sectors. Having sold that business, Yong then returned to his roots in automation where he led Schneider Electric’s Global Business Development in mining-related software solutions for 12 years before joining OSIsoft in 2018 as a Regional Manager for the Pacific market.


Greg Johnson

Global Solution Architect, Schneider Electric

Greg leads the Mining Transformation Centre of Expertise at Schneider Electric. Greg believes that production, maintenance and logistics operations can be improved and become a sustainable competitive advantage. What if you could promise delivery and be 100% sure you would be on-time, at quality and in-full? What if your value chain really consistently delivered at $5 or $10 or $20 per tonne less than your nearest competitor? Not everyone has the best ore body but everyone can make the most of what they have.