The End of Industrial Science Fiction – Back to Practicality

Reduce complexity in your Asset Performance Management

Get a strong grip on your Asset Strategy and Digital Transformation journey

For many companies today, digital transformation in the industry is still in the realm of science fiction. Smartphones can predict our behavior, humankind has mastered the control of crew-less spacecraft, and yet sometimes we cannot even get two corporate departments to work together. In reality, fully automated and connected plants remain a distant dream for most manufacturers.

Streamlining processes and technologies aligned with people’s needs in organizations is not an easy task. So how can we transform and simplify Asset Performance Management?

As individuals and modern citizens of the world, we take personal connectivity for granted. We use our smartphones to take part in many digital processes, we allow Google to use our data to predict where we go and what we want.

Realistically, for many companies today, the digital revolution in industry is still in the realm of science fiction. Although some plants are now up and running, fully automated and networked factories remain a distant dream for most manufacturers.

Watch our webcast and learn more about:

  • How your strategic business objectives are the starting point for any asset strategy
  • How to align processes, people, technology and culture to support your overall objectives
  • How AVEVA can help you with a 360° insight of your current state, creating a pragmatic roadmap to set and achieve your ambitions
  • How you can calculate the ROI of any Digital Transformation projects upfront.

Duration: One Hour

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