Watch our EPC 4.0 Cloud-Based project command center

Explore our three-minute demo video to see how our EPC 4.0 project command center can give you access to critical 1D, 2D and 3D data all within a centralized hub in the cloud.

Project Command Center - EPC 4.0 in action

See the software that underpins our EPC 4.0 strategy in action and learn how it can make your work easier and more transparent to perform.

An EPC 4.0 strategy delivers benefits in four key areas:

  1. Increase collaboration, flexibility and transparency for all stages of a capital projects. 
  2. Interact easily with team members, other teams, clients, vendors and suppliers on one platform locally or remotely.
  3. Deploy quickly to accelerate project start-up by up to 50% and reduce IT costs.
  4. Ultimately, projects are delivered faster by adopting an EPC 4.0 strategy with 10-15% TIC savings on a typical project.

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