Hundreds of truths, but which one to choose?

Finding the right balance and optimize asset strategies in record time

There's no time to waste when creating an adaptive Asset Strategy

In today's volatile industrial sectors, the only certainty is change. As the need for faster return on investment gets more pressing, there's no time to waste when it comes to creating an adaptive asset strategy. The need to manage multiple plants with different asset conditions while meeting business objectives on a global level is a challenge, but it's achievable.

In this webinar, our experts Hans Franck and Harry Bleiburgh will present their insights into building a flexible asset strategy that addresses and mitigates business risk throughout the asset lifecycle. From design to decommission, you'll learn how to create a successful asset strategy or find areas of opportunity in your existing one.

They will also discuss how to connect your asset strategy to multiple business objectives, such as safety and compliance, productivity, and cost and risk.

Key takeways:

  • Learn how to optimize your asset strategy based on business risk, no matter the maturity level of your organization
  • See how connecting strategic business objectives to your asset strategy benefits operations
  • Learn how AVEVA can help streamline decision-making and budget validation
  • Learn how you can deploy an asset strategy up to 90% faster

Duration: One Hour

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Hans Franck

APM Portfolio Strategy Connected Content Leader

Hans has more than 15 years of experience in asset performance management (APM) in different organizations, industries, and countries. His background as a maintenance and reliability consultant provides him with an understanding of how asset-intensive organizations work and should work to achieve their goals. Throughout his career, he has always been involved in the development of APM software. Identifying customer needs and functional requirements for the development of APM software solutions has sparked his interest in the digital transformation. The untapped potential of digitization is what drives him to explore the opportunities of digital transformation in APM.


Harry Bleiburgh

Product Manager

In his years working as an APM consultant across a variety of industries, Harry learned how to make heretical methodologies like reliability-centered maintenance, root cause analysis, and fault tree analysis practical for the work floor. He has significant insight into how end users use software and what is important to them. This experience helps him today, as a Product Manager, to create pragmatic functionality for AVEVA software products that helps end users reach results in a much faster, more intuitive way. Harry has a background in mechanical engineering and business administration.