Webisode 2: Improving Agility across your Operations from Edge to Enterprise

Operate in 15 with John Krajewski

To move quicker than the market, it is important to ensure your team has the right level of visibility to stay informed and take action. Operational Agility on the plant floor, in the field, in the control room and up into the enterprise starts with access to information in context, on the right platform which turns situational awareness into operational awareness.

Watch John Krajewski, Director of Product Management, HMI/Supervisory, AVEVA explain why Operational Agility is critical now more than ever for industrial and infrastructure operations focusing on Edge (IIoT), Supervisory, HMI, SCADA and Enterprise Visualization.

John will answer questions like:

  • Why has Operational Agility become so important for industrial and infrastructure operations?
  • What are the key areas that operations need to focus on?
  • How do you see technology (like AI/Cloud) play a role in supporting operational agility?
  • What is AVEVA doing to support Operational Agility for our customers?

Duration - 20 minutes

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John Krajewski

Director, Product Management, HMI/Supervisory - AVEVA

John has 23+ years of experience in industrial automation and control systems. John began his career working as a Control System Engineer in the potable water industry. Subsequently, John worked as an Application Engineer for a system integrator who primarily focuses on the Pharmaceutical and Biotech industries. He joined Invensys Wonderware in April 2000 as a Senior Application Developer in the product marketing department. Shortly thereafter, John assumed the role of product marketing’s Functional Manager of infrastructure. John spent 5 years as a domain architect with responsibilities for architectural and functional definition of Intouch and Archestra Technologies.