Increase Asset Reliability with Mobile Operator Rounds

Reduce unscheduled downtime and increase compliance with a digitized mobile workflow.

Improving operational efficiency is a necessity for long term success. Join us to identify and understand the key efficiency levers for gaining a competitive advantage.

Today's process industries are facing a volatile economy, intense competition, and rising energy and material costs. Improving operational efficiency has become a necessity not just for short-term margin purposes, but also for long-term success. Maintenance cost reduction, quality and productivity improvement, and reliability of the equipment are now the key levers for gaining a competitive advantage. Operational excellence exploits these levers in a manner that continuously insures the quality of goods and services to achieve sustainable competitive superiority.

One of the pillars of operational excellence is the effectiveness of people, instrumentation and how they work together. Is the equipment safe to operate? Is it environmentally sound? Is it operating reliably? These are all questions that require numerous sources of data that are not limited to instrumented devices or a list of work orders in a CMMS system. Some of these sources are an operator's five senses, an experienced mechanic's PM findings or an inspector's need for documenting important information. The one thing that these three people have in common is their combined power to increase reliability through interacting with their equipment in different ways. This human synergy combined with instrumented data is a truly dynamic method of growing reliable. It also contributes to a cultural change that builds a more motivated and knowledgeable workforce when they see the results of their contributions.

In this webinar we will discuss how to:

  • Improve situational awareness of your disconnected assets
  • Optimize work processes of field technicians
  • Drive best practices using existing tribal knowledge

3 Reasons to Attend:

  • Learn more about the pillars of operational excellence, and how they work together to enable a culture focused on field operational excellence.
  • Discover the key success factors for equipment reliability.
  • Understand how Mobile Operator Rounds facilitate a communication path between stranded assets and cloud resources like predictive analytics and machine learning.

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Jack Craighton

APM Technical Consultant - AVEVA

As a Technical Sales Consultant, Jack Craighton is responsible for providing connected worker related technical guidance to clients during the sales process to help ensure a successful project from the start. Jack’s successful career includes several positions within the maintenance and operation groups at the Delaware City Refinery and DuPont, including: Chemical Operator, Machinery Specialist, Lubrication Specialist and Corporate Lubrication Consultant. He started as a Sr. Consultant with AVEVA’s Mobile Operator’s (formerly IntelaTrac) Application Services Group where he was responsible for helping clients through the implementation process of AVEVA Mobile Operator with project management, round building, operator training, KPIs and reporting.


Juan Pablo Collados

Manager – Asset Performance Technical Sales, Americas - AVEVA

Juan Pablo Collados Leads AVEVA’s Asset Performance Management consulting practice for the Americas. Juan has a Bachelor Degree in Information Systems, and Business Administration from the Toronto School of Business, and resides in the Toronto area. He has 30 year of experience with all stages and aspects of the development cycle for dynamic APM Projects. Juan has held various APM focused positions including Enterprise Asset Management Implementation Consulting, Product Manager for Asset Condition and Predictive Analytics, and Pre Sales Application Consulting. Juan is well versed in numerous industries including Energy, Infrastructure, MMM, Food and Beverage, CPG, and Pulp & Paper.