Optimizing the intelligent LNG Value Chain

Part 2 of Enabling the intelligent oil & gas midstream

On-Demand Webinar

Please join us for part 2 of our intelligent midstream series focused on the financial and carbon intensity optimization in Intelligent LNG value chain from feed gas sourcing, liquefaction, storage, transportation, regasification, and destination transmission system reinjection.

In this second webinar, attendees will learn how AVEVA’s Intelligent LNG offering can:
  • Increase the feed gas system reliability, increase “Digital Capacity”, and cost efficiency
  • Improve Liquefaction efficiency, reliability, cost per MTPA, and increase “Digital Capacity”
  • Optimize LNG production across trains and plants using real-time optimization
  • Improve production accounting, commercial management, and value chain optimization
  • Reduce carbon intensity across the LNG value chain and support the transition to “green LNG”

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