Making the complex simple in AVEVA™ PRO/II™ Simulation 2020

Discover new advancements in the industry's trusted steady-state process simulator

Engineers around the world analyze all types of refining, chemical, and downstream processes every day using AVEVA PRO/II Simulation (formerly PRO/II Process Engineering). As a trusted process simulation tool, PRO/II adapts to new needs and opportunities in process engineering so that engineers can optimize designs to reduce operating costs, increase throughput, and maximize profit. This webinar will demonstrate the advancements in AVEVA PRO/II Simulation 2020. Whether you're new to PRO/II or you've used it for a decade, you'll find exciting new features to help you get your ideas off the whiteboard and into an easy-to-use analysis framework so that you can quickly evaluate design alternatives and ensure optimal performance. That includes integration with AVEVA™ Unified Engineering, which allows you to break down silos beyond the process world and enable real-time collaboration with other disciplines.

In this webinar, we will discuss:

  • How AVEVA PRO/II Simulation helps process engineers get accurate insight into plant behavior
  • New features and capabilities in the latest release including thermodynamics, usability, and unit operations
  • Integration with AVEVA Unified Engineering to collaborate beyond the process discipline

Three reasons to watch:

  • Hear how industry needs drive the ongoing development of AVEVA PRO/II Simulation
  • See what's new in the 2020 release
  • Learn how to enable real-time collaboration beyond process engineering with AVEVA Unified Engineering

Duration: One Hour

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