Maximize your operational readiness with an efficient Asset Information Management

Asset Performance

AVEVA Asset Information Management (formerly AVEVA NET) is a powerful web-based Information Management solution for engineering and operations. It brings together information from multiple sources and in multiple formats to enable users across your business to securely access, visualize, validate and collaborate on the Digital Asset data. AVEVA Asset Information Management automatically extracts and maintains tag-to-tag, tag-to-document and document-to-document relationships to provide efficient navigation of the Digital Asset and aid information discovery. It provides powerful search capabilities, delivering fast, effective location of project information.

Duration: One Hour

Language: Italian

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Federico Bianchi

Technical Sales Specialist, AVEVA

Federico joined AVEVA in 2014 assuming the role of Technical Sales. During these years in the company he has consolidated his skills in relation to information management solutions, and more specifically on the AVEVA NET product, providing support and consultancy to customers in their Digital transformation.