ARE you Operationally Resilient?

An ARC Advisory Group Whitepaper

Operational Excellence Achieved by Companies That ARE Operationally Resilient

Learn how to drive Operational Excellence by optimizing people, processes & assets

The COVID-19 pandemic amplified global supply chain challenges that were already lurking below the surface of the industry worldwide, causing revolutionary disruption and triggering rapid change. This has drastically impacted the operational practices of manufacturers and processors, driving companies to accelerate their digital transformation journeys to respond in real-time to these abrupt market changes and become more agile, productive, and operationally resilient.

Manufacturers and processors must seek to achieve Operational Excellence by continuing to accelerate their digital transformation, leveraging a common digital thread from engineering to operations that uses performance intelligence to improve agility, reliability, and efficiency building operational resilience and sustainability.

In this ARC Advisory Group whitepaper, you'll learn how Operational Excellence can help advance your digital transformation readiness by:

  • Defining Operational Excellence and why it's important
  • Outlining an Operational Excellence Model
  • Optimizing People, Processes and Assets

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