Meeting sustainability goals with the process digital twin

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Process industries are rapidly reorganizing around goals for sustainability and decarbonization, but the path forward is uncertain. Can energy management and process improvements make brownfield plants sustainable? How can companies evaluate and optimize the process technologies that will support the massive greenfield investments necessary for decarbonization?

In this webinar, Peter Reynolds, principal analyst at ARC Advisory Group, will discuss the market and technology trends affecting the future of the chemicals and oil and gas industries, and how process simulation shapes projects to meet sustainability goals. Then, Dr Ian Willetts from AVEVA will showcase examples of the ways forward-thinking companies are addressing those challenges with innovative uses of the process digital twin.

Watch this webinar to see how:

  • Market trends towards renewables, circular chemicals, and clean hydrogen affect the process industries
  • Technology trends like online optimization and AI-infused simulation enable innovative approaches
  • Process simulation plays a growing role across the project lifecycle, from design evaluation to predictive asset optimization

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Peter Reynolds

Principal Analyst, ARC Advisory Group

Peter is a principal industry analyst for the energy and chemicals sector with ARC Advisory Group, a global research and advisory firm headquartered in Boston, USA. He brings nearly thirty years of professional experience in manufacturing automation, optimization, and technology strategy. As an analyst, Peter consults with oil and gas and chemicals companies to advance digitalization initiatives. He has also published several papers on diverse topics such as sustainability, process optimization and asset performance, and frequently speaks at conferences and events throughout North America, Europe, and the Middle East.


Ian Willetts

Vice President - Simulation and Learning, AVEVA

Dr Ian Willetts is Vice President of simulation and learning at AVEVA, responsible for the global management of the process design, simulation and training business. Ian has thirty years of experience applying process simulation and optimization solutions in the process industries. He has held several positions at AVEVA, including managing consultant, global practice director for optimization, DYNSIM product director, and global practice director for simulation and training. Ian is an established industry thought leader who has published dozens of articles in industry leading publications over the years. Ian graduated from Oxford University in the United Kingdom with a PhD in Engineering Science and recently returned after many years to complete his MBA at the Said Business School in Oxford.