Power generation companies are facing new challenges

Increased market complexity, disruptive technology, regulatory changes, and a need for highly skilled operators

Predictive Analytics can be applied to operations and maintenance

Focus on maintaining operational excellence

Power generation companies are looking for new ways to address an evolving energy marketplace. The pressures of government regulation, increased competition, and rising consumer demands are driving the need for improved reliability, efficiency, and safety.

AVEVA Predictive Analytics provides early warning of equipment failure and abnormal operating conditions that may go unnoticed with traditional maintenance practices. Using AVEVA Predictive Analytics software, power generation companies can improve equipment reliability and performance while avoiding potential failures.

Learn about some of the additional benefits of predictive analytics. Here are just a few:

  • Enables operations and maintenance personnel to be more proactive in their work
  • Has the ability to forecast the remaining useful life of assets
  • Provides deep insight into operation and maintenance risk
  • Companies can realize more savings

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