Smart Equipment in the Age of Renewables: Building an Intelligent Edge-to-Cloud Solution

On-Demand Webinar

Digital transformation is creating new opportunities for analyzing asset health and obtaining operational KPIs. Industrial operators across the globe can improve equipment reliability, increase operating efficiency, and strengthen competitive differentiation with broader access to real-time operations data. Service providers can build new revenue streams, decrease support costs, and increase customer satisfaction with value-added services. The challenge for both is finding a cost-effective and secure way to access, store, and analyse real-time operations data.

Join us for an insightful webinar into how one energy renewable service built an intelligent edge-to-cloud data infrastructure to improve data modeling and predictive maintenance algorithms and securely share data externally with key stakeholders. You will also see additional examples of how companies collect high-fidelity data in real-time and make it available for experts to visualize, analyze, and share.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How edge data can unlock new opportunities for manufacturers and service providers.
  • The key best practices for capturing, storing, and analyzing data from remote locations.
  • How industry innovators are using edge data to drive digital transformation, enhance decision-making, and increase profitability.


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