Taking the Digital Twin from Design into Operations by leveraging an EPC 4.0 strategy

On-demand Webinar

Watch our on-demand webinar to learn how  to take the Digital Twin from Design into Operations by leveraging an EPC 4.0 strategy.

As industries shift from a document-centric to a data-centric approach, the potential value realised by both the EPC and owner/operator is almost limitless. Digital Twins contain 3D models, engineering and process data, and operational processes that are the foundation building blocks for a suite of value-added applications in production optimisation, visualisation, artificial intelligence, automation, and predictive maintenance.

Hear from Vaseem Khan, Global Vice President of Engineering at McDermott who will share his end state vision for the Design and Operational Twin, explaining how Design Twins created and refined during engineering, procurement and construction will become the Operational Twins once assets go live.

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Vaseem Khan

Vaseem Khan is the Global Vice President Engineering and McDermott’s Chief Engineering Officer, responsible for McDermott’s engineering worldwide. Vaseem is based in Houston, and over 4000 engineers in sixteen engineering offices in the McDermott group, along with the London- based Centre for Innovation and Research report, to Vaseem. Unique amongst its peer group in the industry, McDermott’s engineering offices are responsible for Onshore, Offshore and Deepwater subsea facilities. Vaseem is also responsible for McDermott’s industry-leading Digital Twin initiative.