Training for Tomorrow at Total

On-Demand Webinar

Hear how Total uses training as a key enabler to achieve goals for safety, sustainability and profit.

Any plant is only as good as the people operating it. A poorly trained operator can undo the most advanced engineering, placing the company’s profit at risk and, more importantly, its people.

Total, 2018’s most profitable oil major, sees training as a key enabler to achieving its goals for safety, sustainability and profit. Total’s OLEUM training centers provide tailored technical courses that address safety, process operations, and more.

What you’ll learn from Total:

  • How cloud-based training tools are helping to train operators more effectively and at a lower total cost of ownership
  • How they are achieving their top goals for safety, sustainability and profit
  • How the next-generation program uses OTS deployed in the cloud to reach operators everywhere
  • Using cloud OTS enables widespread use of dynamic, high-fidelity simulation models that mirror the controls and behavior of actual site operations

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Eric Scappazzoni

Operation Methods Engineer, Total

Eric Scappazzoni has held many positions in advanced process control and information technology since joining Total in 1984. Since 2005, Eric has coordinated OTS implementation projects for Total’s refining and petrochemicals unit.