Watch our Unified Engineering Demo

Watch the demo to learn how AVEVA Unified Engineering empowers your teams with an optimized workflow across process simulation and engineering data management, through one data-centric platform to execute projects more efficiently.

Accelerate engineering efficiency

Unified Engineering enables global multi-discipline teams to work concurrently in a common data-centric environment, controlling and managing change across the entire project. This breaks down the silos between FEED and detailed design.

Simulation data created in FEED is readily available for use in detailed design and is checked and validated in real-time bringing assurance that your asset’s digital twin is updated so that it always mirrors your real physical asset.

Deploy AVEVA Unified Engineering on-premise, on the AVEVA cloud or using a hybrid approach. By aligning all teams around a single source of trusted, standardized data in the cloud, you can improve access and collaboration between engineering teams, external contractors, and vendors and the risk of error and delay plummets. Time wasted searching for and verifying data is eliminated, leaving more time to focus on engineering.

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