Unifying your water and wastewater operations

A system of systems approach to manage your Water and Wastewater operations

Water and water assets are vital components of productivity in industries across different sectors. Water utilities and water network operators have a very simple mission: Deliver safe and reliable water service to their customers. However, like most industries, the water and wastewater sectors are facing diverse challenges such as an ageing workforce, ageing infrastructures, ever increasing government regulations and competition for diminishing investment capital.

AVEVA’s software portfolio is a perfect fit for water and wastewater utilities requiring advanced analytics in big data environments. AVEVA provides customers with unmatched functionality in connectivity, data modeling, redundancy, resiliency, and scalability.

This whitepaper depicts AVEVA’s holistic and innovative Unified Operations Center solution, and it details the process to provide you with the data and information required to achieve all-around efficiency for water operations. You will also learn:

  • How reliability, complexity, cost mitigation and sustainability are the water industry main challenges
  • How to achieve infrastructure and operations maturity
  • How to use AVEVA’s system of systems through its Unified Operations Center solution to achieve operational excellence and obtain the fastest and highest ROI.

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