Unlocking the power of your engineering data:

New partnerships delivering value through the trusted, reliable digital twin

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Industrial organizations are under increasing pressure to engineer and operate more transparent, efficient, and sustainable projects.

AVEVA’s engineering information management solutions combine and centralize your data into the core of a trusted and reliable digital twin, providing a single source of all engineering information, across all project phases, linked to operational systems delivering fast access to all required information to support meaningful day-to-day decision making.

AVEVA™ Point Cloud Manager manages the huge data sets from laser scanning. Replete with a vast raft of intuitive, practical features, it creates incredibly accurate 3D digital reproductions of facilities.

AVEVA™ Asset Information Management manages huge, complicated sets of engineering data in an intuitive, technical, user-friendly environment. Allowing users to pull detailed engineering information and insights directly from a digital representation of their projects.

As part of our continual commitment to innovation and helping our customers transform their businesses, we are excited to announce two new partnerships which further augment the AVEVA digital twin.

NavVis are an innovator in mobile mapping and reality capture, with a disruptive wearable mapping system that enables high-quality reality capture of complex buildings at unprecedented speed and scale.

Assai is a global leader in document control and management solutions for engineering and construction projects and maintenance. Ensuring that data, no matter its form, is incorporated within the digital twin in a logical, easy to access way.

Join AVEVA product managers Andy Davidson and Steve Parvin, together with Assai CEO Willem van der Jagt, and Ignacio Pérez Hallerbach global head of partners and platform as they walk through the exciting new benefits and capabilities of their solutions in the context of the trusted digital twin.

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