Value Chain Optimization to drive a Circular Economy

Learn how the digital transformation of your value chain can represent opportunities to reduce costs by 5%-30% and grow revenue by up to 25%.

Global trends are driving the chemicals industry

Global trends are impacting the chemicals industry. There´s a demographic change due to the emerging economies in Asia. The sustainability drivers are pushing waste reduction, the development of new sustainable and innovative products, and the circular economy. And, finally, the Coronavirus brought massive disruption to the supply chains and cause a significant impact on how we work. In this new normal, chemical manufacturers face challenges that demand higher agility, collaboration, and resilience. Value Chain Optimization provides the needed visibility and insights to drive business outcomes through integrated planning, optimized production, and continuous improvement.

In this you will learn:

  • How to reach the desired agility at the plant and supply chain levels
  • The benefits of changing the way we work in industrial chemical plant
  • What is required to develop a value chain optimization strategy and the critical elements for success in the new normal

Duration: 25 minutes

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