Value Chain Optimization Webinar

How Digital Strategies Can Drive Enterprise Collaboration and Unlock Additional Value to the Business

Refining and petrochemical companies are constantly pressured to operate with tightened margins and they are seeking for ways to revolutionize their business and stay competitive. The digitalization of the value chain, or the so-called value chain optimization is a growing trend, but many companies heavily investing in digital technologies are failing to obtain economic return.

Watch our webcast, "Value Chain Optimization - how digital strategies can drive enterprise collaboration and unlock additional value to the business".

You'll learn insights of decades of experience and about business processes transformation driven by technology that creates added value through a real connected value chain.

Duration: One Hour

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Charles Rieb


Charles has been working in the area of refinery and petrochemical supply chain software for the last 34 years. Charles and Basil Joffe were the developers of PIMS, first released in 1985 when the term “disruptive technology” didn’t exist, but that is what PIMS did by being the first planning system on a PC using Lotus123. The PIMS business was sold to AspenTech in 1997 where Charles became responsible for developing the industry’s first integrated petroleum supply chain solution. Later, Charles and Basil both left AspenTech to join Spiral (now AVEVA) to assist in developing the next generation of supply chain management tools. During his career, Charles has worked with many companies around the world, helping them improve their business practices in supply chain management. His current role includes working with our clients worldwide in helping them transition and realize benefits from unified Supply Chain.


Joachim Boese


Joachim Boese is Director, Digital Acceleration Consulting at AVEVA. He is working for more than 25 years in the oil & gas industry with experience both in international operating companies as well as consulting expertise with solution suppliers. Today Joachim is part of the Digital Acceleration Consulting team at AVEVA in the Oil & Gas space. Before joining Invensys in 2007 and now being part of AVEVA, Joachim worked for ConocoPhillips in their Wilhelmshaven Refinery and in engineering, operations and Planning& Scheduling for Deutsche Shell in their two German refineries in Hamburg and Cologne. Joachim holds a degree as Diplom Ingenieur of Clausthal University in Germany.